What I Ate Wednesday

When a busy day flies by, taking a moment to share a What I Ate Wednesday meal with a friend is the perfect way to press pause!

Hellllooooo there, m’loves. Happy humpday! I hope everyone is having a perfectly lovely week. I don’t really have much to report, myself. Just another week of work and play. We have some fun activities planned for the weekend, so it just feels like a “grinding for the weekend” kind of week. But of course, always lots of eats to be noshed!

What I Ate Wednesday | AreYouKitchenMe.com

I’ve been fighting some very strange fatigue and had a strange start to the day. I didn’t get up in time to hit the gym but I still managed to down my vitamins. My supplement routine always includes one or two Brazil nuts due to their high selenium content. Seleni…whaaaat? I’ll let Katie, the future dietician of Love and Lemons, fully explain but selenium has benefits for mercury toxicity (not something I really worry about), thyroid regulation, and some cancer preventative properties.

Chocolate Cherry Beet Smoothie | AreYouKitchenMe.com

I was in a bit of a flurry so I forgot to snap a pic of my smoothie. But not to fear, I shared the full recipe on Monday! I’m seriously so addicted to this creamy, dreamy, beet-y smoothie. It’s packed with veggies but somehow still so delicious. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of it. #cantstopwontstop

What I Ate Wednesday | AreYouKitchenMe.com

Oddly, I was craving salty instead of sweet so I ate what any normal person eats at 10:30AM… kale chips. hehehe ok maybe not so normal but these Brad’s kale chips are the bomb diggity. Even in the morning.

What I Ate Wednesday | AreYouKitchenMe.com

For lunch, I met a friend at my fav cafe in town, Alchemy. They have all kinds of healthy yet decadent options and I was craving some bread  so I went with the Hummus + Hemp Pesto sandwich. Hummus, pesto, tomato, sprouts, and avocado on wheat bread. Seriously perfect combo of creamy and crunchy and bright! The best booch helped wash it down.

A little later, I downed the two Matcha Bites I picked up at lunch and they were every bit as divine as the last time I devoured them.

What I Ate Wednesday | AreYouKitchenMe.com

My lunch kept me nice and full, so I made it through the rest of the work day and yoga without another snack. When I got home, I had some of the beet salad I prepped for lunches this week. I based the recipe off one we got when we did a participatory dinner at The Kitchen, a local event venue. This week’s version was loaded up with roasted beets, beet greens, brown rice, chickpeas, green onions, sunflower seeds, and a creamy tahini lemon dressing. I loaded up a plate with mixed greens, added my salad, and drizzled on some extra dressing. I’m already excited to have it for lunch again tomorrow.

What I Ate Wednesday | AreYouKitchenMe.com

After dinner, I broke into the box of goodies my cousin and his wife sent from Greece. He was stationed there with the Air Force for a few years, met and married a beautiful native Greek, and now they send us incredible packages when they go back to visit. I tried this chocolate halva, a sweet and fluffy tahini treat, and loved it. It paired perfectly with a few strawberries.

That’s it for me, friends! I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the week and a weekend full of joy and love!

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