What I Ate This Weekend

Sometimes weekdays are boring and monotonous… This week, we’re jazzing things up with a What I Ate This Weekend!

Happy humpday honey buns! How’s this week treating you??! Mine has been a bit cray cray at work but sometimes that’s just how it goes, ya know? For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I’m switching things up a little!

As I mentioned last week, I feel like my weekday eats have been getting a little stale and repetitive. This has led me to two conclusions… 1.) I need to switch up my lunch time routine! And 2.) it’s time I shared some less structured weekend eats! A few things about this topic before we get started…

There are a few reasons I eat the way I eat during the work week. The first is for convenience. I don’t usually take a lunch break during the day and I like to get in as early as possible. So prepping meals that I can throw in my bag makes running out the door in the morning a breeze. The second is for peace of mind. It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with disordered eating and anxiety for a good portion of my life (more on that here). While it’s something I actively work to manage, it gives me a sense of calm to know what I can expect during the week food-wise. I recognize that this is still partially disordered eating behavior because of my need to know (read, control) my food intake. But it’s what is working for me now and it feels good and I’m definitely not starving. Progress, people.

The third, and definitely most important, is that I truly enjoy eating home-cooked food. I think I’m a pretty darn good cook (so humble) and the food I bring with me everyday is always delicious. That said, I also enjoy eating out and having an adult beverage or four. Let me get one thing straight right freaking meow:

Only eating out during or “saving” calories for the weekend is not healthy or intuitive eating behavior. 

I used to have an incredibly strict policy on no-alcohol, no-oil, no-“bad” stuff during the week but then ate whatever I wanted on the weekend. This led me into some pretty damaging (mentally) binges that always left me feeling miserable. SO, while I’m about to share with you some fun and relaxed weekend eats, know that I eat this way during the week too! I like meal prepping for the convenience but I also join my friends for lunch at Harvest Pizzeria or beers at Seventh Son. I’m not 100% free from the disordered habits but I know I’m making progress and I’m pretty proud of that!

As evidence of my progress, it is currently Tuesday night and I am writing this post on a belly full of two beers, half a pizza, and a shiz ton of watermelon. Now shall we get onto the weekend eats?!?!?!??

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

We started our weekend off with our new favorite Saturday morning activity: a long bike ride. We got ambitious and took on 30 miles on Saturday! I fueled up with plain soy yogurt, a sliced banana, Purely Elizabeth granola, tahini, and maple syrup. So many awesome textures and flavors!

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

When we got to our destination, they were having a $5 pancake breakfast. Say whaaat?! John and I split an order of blueberry pancakes. They were not vegan and they were not whole wheat and they were not organic but they were #*&@^ing delicious and exactly what I needed. How’s THAT for intuitive eating??!

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

After the final leg of our ride, I chugged a green juice from Zest while we got ready to go to lunch.

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

There was a really cool “Vegan Street Food Pop Up Market” at a local health food store that we checked out. My body was in desperate need of lots of carbs and a burrito bowl from local plant-based food truck, Sobremesa, was totally calling my name. Rice, black beans, tofu, roasted veggies, and plantains filled this girl right up.

We stopped at Whole Foods while we were in that neck of the woods and I probably had another entire meal’s worth of samples. Unashamed #freesamplewhore.

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

For dinner, we stopped at our favorite Saturday spot, Northstar cafe. I got their Citrus Crunch Salad because it is one of my favorite meals of all time. The pile of crispy tortilla strips on top is seriously my love language. I also ordered a ginger ale cocktail that was deeeeelicious.

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

After dinner, we met up with friends and hit a few more bars. I was really feeling some girly, fruity mixed drinks so you know what? I had three. And then a beer. And I probably ended up a bit more tipsy than I prefer but we were with good friends having a great time and I have zero regrets.

What I Ate This Weekend | AreYouKitchenMe.com

The moral of this story is that if you want to eat pizza on a Tuesday, eat it! If you want to have drinks with your friends on a Friday, drink ’em up!! By showing you my weekend eats, I don’t want you to think I restrict my fun and joyful eats to two measly days of the week. I love pizza and vodka and pancakes equally on all days of the week.


  1. Tiandra August 7, 2017

    What a beautifully honest and pure article!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Sometimes we get so stuck on being physically healthy and mentally disciplined that we sacrifice emotional, spiritual and social well-being! Appreciate your vulnerability in showing us how to enjoy living freely!! And another thing, everything you ate!! #Yum ? Especially Sobremesa!! Those plantains tho!!!

    • Natalie Natalie August 13, 2017

      Yaaaay thanks, Tiandra! I’m so glad it resonated with you. And ohhhmygoodness the plantains. So good.


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